Ashley Aaron, AIMS President and CEO, states “We believe that by collaborating and combining resources we are creating increased value for our agents and partners in the form of better service, expanded resources, and technological advancements.”

James Leitner, CEO of Health Partners America states, “To further leverage and better position HPA in the post ACA marketplace, it is more important than ever that we are focused on delivering an outstanding product with excellent customer service. In order to accomplish this and deliver the best possible outcomes for the broker community, we are taking steps to become more closely aligned with AIMS, a recognized leader in broker training and support for over 28 years.”

The mission of both HPA and AIMS has always been to serve the broker community with world class technology and training. This strategic move will help to continue to drive innovative thinking, technology and thought leadership for the industry.


About Health Partners America
Founded in 2007, Health Partners America provides insurance brokers with the tools, training, and technology to help their customers deliver quality health coverage using affordable solutions. Health Partners America has experience in the realms of insurance, private exchanges, technology, and training. Backed by an exchange certified enrollment team, HPA is uniquely equipped to help brokers navigate and adapt to the changes presented in today’s marketplace. HPA provides a broker-friendly private health insurance exchange, allowing advisors to provide custom solutions to employer groups, associations, and other organizations. HPA is an industry leader in supporting and elevating brokers' prosperity through training, tools, and technology. For more information, visit


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